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HyperDex 1.7.0 release, with a new coordinator

Weaver 0.2: Higher Performance

Weaver 0.2! This release includes multiple performance improvements and bug fixes.
HyperDex 1.6.0 release, with MongoDB compatibility

Introducing Weaver

We built a new distributed graph store, called Weaver, that can perform ACID transactions on graphs. The alpha version is available, this post shows the first few steps on how to use it.

Time for Better Security for NoSQL

It's time to secure data in NoSQL databases with strong guarantees, at fine granularity, and with low overhead. Macaroons, from Google, are designed for this purpose. This post shows have Macaroons can be used in HyperDex to secure NoSQL data.
HyperDex 1.5.0 release, with authorization
Our latest point release includes a Linux portable binary that installs (practically) anywhere with a few short shell commands.
HyperDex gets support for running within Docker containers.
HyperDex 1.4.2 release, with support for Docker.
HyperDex 1.4! This release includes multiple performance improvements and bug fixes.
HyperDex 1.3! This release includes a new API call, and several critical bug fixes.
Macaroons are a new way to perform authorization in distributed systems.
This article discusses a new replica placement technique that reduces the probability of data loss.
HyperDex 1.1! This release includes a robust backup manager and a preview of the in-development network management console.
HyperDex 1.0! A new milestone for HyperDex.

HyperDex 1.0RC5

HyperDex 1.0RC5 packs a ton of new features.

Introducing Virtual Notary

Introducing Virtual Notary, a free, novel service for attesting to online facts.

HyperDex now with Ruby, Mac OSX and CentOS support

HyperDex 1.0RC3 offers support for Ruby, OSX and CentOS.