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We are proud to announce HyperDex 1.0.rc5, the next generation NoSQL data store that provides ACID transactions, fault-tolerance, and high-performance. This new release has a number of exciting features:

  • Improved cluster management. The cluster will automatically grow as new nodes are added.
  • Backup support. Take backups of the coordinator and daemons in a consistent state and be able to restore the cluster to the point when the backup was taken.
  • An admin library which exposes performance counters for tracking cluster-wide statistics relating to HyperDex
  • Support for HyperLevelDB. This is the first HyperDex release to use HyperLevelDB, which brings higher performance than Google's LevelDB.
  • Secondary indices. Secondary indices improve the speed of search without the overhead of creating a subspace for the indexed attributes.
  • New atomic operations. Most key-based operations now have conditional atomic equivalents.
  • Improved coordinator stability. This release introduces an improved coordinator that fixes a few stability problems reported by users.

Binary packages for Debian 7, Ubuntu 12.04-13.10, Fedora 18-19, and CentOS 6 are available on the HyperDex Download page, as well as source tarballs for other Linux platforms.

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