HyperDex now with Ruby, Mac OSX and CentOS support


We just released HyperDex 1.0RC3. There are major new features in this release:

  • Ruby Bindings: Alright Rubyists, this is your moment. We now have officially-supported, well-integrated Ruby bindings for HyperDex. They are lean and mean.
  • OSX Support: Everyone at your local cafe has a Mac these days, so simply owning a Mac just doesn't cut it for hipster-hacker cred. But a Mac running HyperDex, that's serious awesomeness. Now you can develop and test HyperDex on your Mac laptop.
  • CentOS Support. We now have binary packages for CentOS 6, the OS that corporations love to designate as the official deployment platform.

So, that's three fewer excuses to not adopt HyperDex. It works on your laptop, it works with most people's favorite languages (Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, C/C++), and it works on a ton of platforms (Macs, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Gentoo, plus source for all others). And the latest release gives you:

Plus, it has the clearest documentation in the NoSQL industry, with no need to learn arcane terminology or become intimate with internal implementation details to correctly configure a cluster, and with a tutorial that makes it easy to get started.

It's ok to be skeptical of the many strong guarantees that the system provides -- it's certainly unprecedented. So, feel free to kick the tires and take it for a test ride. We're proud of what we built and we're sure it'll stand up to its claims.

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