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All Your Voter Data Are Belong To H4x0rz

The biggest data breach of the year. Of course, it involves Mongo.

More Mongo than Mongo

HyperDex now does Mongo better and faster than MongoDB.

To Shard or Not To Shard (A Graph)?

In this post, we discuss when and why it makes sense to shard a graph.

Introducing Weaver

We built a new distributed graph store, called Weaver, that can perform ACID transactions on graphs. The alpha version is available, this post shows the first few steps on how to use it.

On the Futility of Custom Consistency Models

Custom consistency models, which differ on how weak they are, are no good if they can't outperform strong consistency.

Time for Better Security for NoSQL

It's time to secure data in NoSQL databases with strong guarantees, at fine granularity, and with low overhead. Macaroons, from Google, are designed for this purpose. This post shows have Macaroons can be used in HyperDex to secure NoSQL data.

Storing Documents in HyperDex with Node.JS

HyperDex now supports documents and Node.js. This post describes how to write Node programs using HyperDex as a document store.
The real story of how weak NoSQL systems allowed users to make money out of the thin air and brought down two Bitcoin exchanges, one permanently.

Back That NoSQL Up

HyperDex gets a fast, flexible, incremental backup manager.

The Consistency Alphabet Soup

There are many conflicting definitions for Consistency. This post provides a clear definition for each, without rehashing any tired old arguments about eventual consistency.

What is NoSQL and is it pornography?

We have a huge, emerging industry called NoSQL, and yet there is no proper definition of what it is. This post identifies the problem and proposes a constructive, useful definition.
MongoDB claims that it provides fault-tolerance. In this note, I explain why and how it falls short.