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How to Detect Selfish Miners

How to detect when someone in the network is engaged in selfish mining

BTC Guild Gets Lucky

BTC Guild released a number of blocks in quick succession, making some people worry that they are selfish mining. We discuss the evidence.

Bitcoin Block Propagation Speeds

New measurements show that successful selfish mining attacks are quite feasible.

Selfish Mining Simulator

There is now a visual simulator for our selfish mining attack.

Response to Feedback on Selfish Mining

There have been some early, and often misplaced, responses to the vulnerabilities we discovered in the Bitcoin system. This post addresses them.

No, You Di'n't!

The claim that our results were previously known to the Bitcoin community is specious.

Response to Fairweather Mining

Fairweather mining has been suggested to argue that selfish mining would be a short-lived strategy, but fairweather mining analysis is flawed because it does not take proofs of work into account.

Comment Policy #1

Policy regarding comments.

Altruism Among Capitalists?

If the health of your cryptocurrency requires Gordon Gekko to make sacrifices, it is doomed.
Some clarifications and answers to frequently asked questions about the selfish mining attack on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is Broken

We discovered an attack against the Bitcoin mining protocol that can have a significant impact on the Bitcoin community.