Weaver 0.2: Higher Performance

We just released Weaver 0.2, a distributed graph store that provides horizontal scalability, high-performance, and transactional semantics.

This release brings the following changes and improvements:

  • Fast bulk loading: The graph bulk loader now achieves far higher throughput.
  • Reduced memory consumption: Smaller vertex and edge objects and timestamp representation leads to a smaller Weaver memory footprint.
  • Better error handling: Weaver clients now return more descriptive errors on failure.
  • New node programs: There are some new node programs for discovering paths.
  • Additional fixes: We fixed some memory leaks and various bugs.

Weaver runs on 64-bit Linux and provides bindings for C++ and Python. Weaver can be installed either from source or using the precompiled binaries for Ubuntu 14.04.

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