HyperDex 1.7.0: Coordinator Improvements

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We are proud to announce HyperDex 1.7, the next generation NoSQL data store that provides ACID transactions, schema-less documents, per-object authorization, fault-tolerance, and high-performance.

This release brings the following changes and improvements:

  • Coordinator improvements: A new coordinator provides the same fault tolerance guarantees as before, and achieves better stability, reduced resource usage, and improved recovery time.
  • Expanded API: The HyperDex API grew by one new atomic call to ease certain applications that require an atomic check and conditional create.
  • Internal performance improvements and bug fixes.

HyperDex runs on 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Centos) and OS X. Binary packages for Debian 7, Ubuntu 12.04,14.04, Fedora 20, and CentOS 6,7 are available [1], as well as source tarballs for other Linux platforms.

This release provides bindings for C, C++, Python, Node.js, Java, Ruby, and Go.

An evaluation version of Warp, and Warp bindings for Python, Java, and Ruby are available in the HyperDex repository. Install the "hyperdex-warp" package in your package manager to switch from HyperDex to Warp and test out the evaluation version.

Happy Hacking, The HyperDex Team

[1] http://hyperdex.org/download

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