Next-Gen NoSQL Comes of Age: HyperDex 1.0

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We are proud to announce HyperDex 1.0, the next generation NoSQL data store that provides ACID transactions, fault-tolerance, and high-performance. With this release, we pass the 1.0 milestone.

Some key features of HyperDex are:

  • High Performance: HyperDex is fast. It outperforms MongoDB and Cassandra on industry-standard benchmarks by a factor of 2X or more.
  • Advanced Functionality: With the Warp add-on, HyperDex offers multi-key transactions that span multiple objects with ACID guarantees.
  • Strong Consistency: HyperDex ensures that every GET returns the result of the latest PUT.
  • Fault Tolerance: HyperDex automatically replicates data to tolerate a configurable number of failures.
  • Scalable: HyperDex automatically redistributes data to make use of new resources as you add more nodes to your cluster.

HyperDex runs on 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Centos) and OS X. Binary packages for Debian 7, Ubuntu 12.04-13.10, Fedora 18-20, and CentOS 6 are available from the Downloads page[1], as well as source tarballs for other Linux platforms.

This release provides bindings for C, C++, Python, Java, Ruby, and Go.

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