Some clarifications and answers to frequently asked questions about the selfish mining attack on Bitcoin.
We discovered an attack against the Bitcoin mining protocol that can have a significant impact on the Bitcoin community.
The computer industry insistence on more transparency from the NSA is wrong-headed and detracts from the effort for better privacy guarantees.

DNS Fails the NYTimes

DNS continues to be a weak, fragile system.
NSA uses its considerable intelligence apparatus for spying on its loved ones.
Empires fall for many reasons, their internal ranking procedures are typically not the main culprit.
The NYTimes asks if Big Data is a big dud, but frames the issue in the worst possible way.
There is now an official estimate on the costs of broadly spying on the entire cloud.
Why the word "metadata" is meaningless.
A framework for reasoning about how the Snowden revelations will impact online society.