BTC Guild released a number of blocks in quick succession, making some people worry that they are selfish mining. We discuss the evidence.
In this article, we explore why Zookeeper and Raft provide the wrong abstraction for building distributed systems and provide an object-oriented alternative for developing fault-tolerant programs in C/C++.
HyperDex 1.0! A new milestone for HyperDex.
Bitcoin was having problems with LevelDB. We identified and fixed the bug. In this article, we'll talk a little about LevelDB, Bitcoin, and our fix.
New measurements show that successful selfish mining attacks are quite feasible.
Bitcoin's unique features allow it to be used to for social causes. A cash boycott is one such way to affect social change.

HyperDex 1.0RC5

HyperDex 1.0RC5 packs a ton of new features.
The Feds testified exuberantly in favor of Bitcoins yesterday, driving the BTC price through the roof to $900 USD. This is my quick reaction to what happened and what we should do about it.
There is now a visual simulator for our selfish mining attack.
There have been some early, and often misplaced, responses to the vulnerabilities we discovered in the Bitcoin system. This post addresses them.