There are lots of theories about what may have happened at Mt. Gox. This post examines what may not have happened, and how to avoid that which did happen.
This article discusses a new replica placement technique that reduces the probability of data loss.
HyperDex 1.1! This release includes a robust backup manager and a preview of the in-development network management console.
How to detect when someone in the network is engaged in selfish mining
HyperDex gets a fast, flexible, incremental backup manager.
BTC Guild released a number of blocks in quick succession, making some people worry that they are selfish mining. We discuss the evidence.
In this article, we explore why Zookeeper and Raft provide the wrong abstraction for building distributed systems and provide an object-oriented alternative for developing fault-tolerant programs in C/C++.
HyperDex 1.0! A new milestone for HyperDex.
Bitcoin was having problems with LevelDB. We identified and fixed the bug. In this article, we'll talk a little about LevelDB, Bitcoin, and our fix.
New measurements show that successful selfish mining attacks are quite feasible.