A neat little application, built on Weaver and HyperDex, that allows people to visualize the graph of co-authorship in computer science research papers. Find out how connected you are to Turing.
We introduce a new technique for increasing the throughput and reducing the latency, at the same time, of blockchain-based protocols
The recent Bitcoin blocksize debate demonstrates the need for a robust governance structure.
HyperDex 1.7.0 release, with a new coordinator
A basic tutorial on how to get started with building web applications using Flask and HyperDex.
Weaver 0.2! This release includes multiple performance improvements and bug fixes.
HyperDex now does Mongo better and faster than MongoDB.
HyperDex 1.6.0 release, with MongoDB compatibility
Cognitive costs of managing money, no matter how small, often trump the benefits to be had from the transactions themselves.
Some tips on how to improve ChangeTip and strengthen the Bitcoin community in the process.